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Our Services

We offer live in care, daily visits in Lewes, Sussex, East Sussex, West Sussex, South of England. Waking Nights, Sleep ins, end of life support, palliative care, dementia care, Alzheimer’s support living with cancer and heart disease, mobility support, visual impairment.

We support our clients with personal care, that is showering, bathing, dressing, undressing, toileting, manual handling and hoisting, cooking, driving to appointments, companionship, housekeeping and cleaning, gardening, dog walking, maintaining social life and hobbies.


Services Available from Sun Rose Care


Our customer/clients are often seniors or others who have mobility issues, visual impairment or need support so they can continue to live at home. We can also support those who are living with cancer or heart disease, all types of dementia or any other condition. 


Sun Rose Care carer with client

Daily Visits

We are able to visit you in Lewes and across East Sussex. Costs vary depending on the degree of support needed or whether support is needed at the weekend, or during the week.

Support packages are tailored to your individual needs

This category includes supporting you in your own home, cooking, companionship, gardening, cleaning, driving, shopping, admin support, laundry, dog walking and light housekeeping. We are also able to support you in all personal care needs. That is support to wash, dress, shower, get up in the morning or go to bed. 


Sun Rose Care Live-in carer with client

Live-in Support

Our live-in support workers cover a larger area than our daily support worker. We cover Lewes, East and West Sussex, Essex, London, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent and across the South East. Costs vary depending on each individual’s needs. This is all inclusive of support worker and agency fee. Any night calls are extra.

Support workers will need a 2-3 hour break every day. If you need support during this break-time Sun Rose Care can provide additional cover. 

Live-in support workers and companions can help you with cooking, shopping, light cleaning, driving, admin and help run your household. They can also offer support in showering, dressing or any other personal care needs and can even walk your dog and look after any pets. 

Waking Night or Sleep-in Support

Costs vary depending if the support worker is awake or asleep and on call. The support worker usually sleeps in and uses a bell system or baby monitor to be on call.  

We provide night-time support, usually for nine to twelve hour shifts. This can be for just one night or for a longer period and could include end of life, respite cover or to give extra support during illness.

End of Life

We work with people living with cancer, chronic heart disease and terminal illness to support them either with live-in, sleep-in or daily visits. We can accommodate for your specialised dietary needs.

Sun Rose Care Fees

All fees are worked out individually depending on what your needs are our manager will come to your home to do an assessment and we will send you a quote soon after. We follow the data protection act at all times. 

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