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Contented Dementia




Contented Dementia

Sharon Kaye

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The SPECAL method is a way of working and interacting with people who have dementia that looks at the condition as a lifelong disability that we can work positively with, rather than trying to resist or defeat it. The method was created by an independent charitable trust called Contented Dementia Trust who hold an innovative approach to caring for people with dementia.

The method is about finding a better understanding of what dementia is by looking at it from the point of view of the person with the condition. It is personalised around the type of dementia that the individual suffers from and can be accessible to anyone in their lives that they have regular contact with.

The method aims to bring back a state of wellbeing for the person, one which they can maintain for the rest of their lives. The trust has a vision to create a world where the diagnosis of dementia is no longer misunderstood or feared and that people with dementia can live a life as close to that of the life they would have lived before their diagnosis. Click here to find out more.